A propos du support de GIT dans le DSM 4.3 de Synology

A partir de la version 4.3 du Disk Station Manager (DSM) des NAS Synology, un module « GIT Server » a été ajouté.
La question est : comment l’utiliser ?

Utilisation du module :

Extrait issu du package : /var/packages/git/help

Git Server

Git is an open source distributed version control system, which allows you to maintain software source code, documents or any type of file on a computer with speed and efficiency. With Git, you can collaborate with different groups of people simultaneously with relative ease.

To allow users to use Git:

Log into DSM using an account with administrative privileges. Go to Control Panel > Terminal and enable SSH service.
Launch the Git package. Select users to provide them with the ability to check in and check out files from the repository.

Git users will be restricted to Git-related activities with a shell tool called git-shell. This login shell will be applied to Git users to ensure that the accounts are only used for Git operations. As a result, Git users may only use the SSH connection to push and pull Git repositories, and will not have full access to DSM.

To create a Git repository:

1. Log into your Synology server via SSH as root or admin.
2. Change directory to /volumeX, where X is the volume number, to create a folder. For example, « git_repos ». The permission of the folder will be the same as Linux.
3. In the folder, run git init to create an empty repository.
4. After the repository is created, a Git client user can enter the following command to access this repository:
git clone ssh://[Git users]@[Your Synology server’s IP address or hostname]/[Git repository path]

Références (ajout du paquet synology) :

Références (utilisation) :

Bon voilà, je n’ai plus qu’à tester tout çà, dès que j’aurai un peu de temps !

Note :

Pour les versions de DSM antérieures à la 4.3 : Installer un serveur Git sur un NAS Synology


Installer un serveur Git sur un NAS Synology

Le DiskStation Manager (DSM) de Synology ne propose pas d’installation d’un serveur Git (du moins avant la version 4.3).
Il faut donc se débrouiller par soi-même…

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Note :

A partir de DSM 4.3, un paquet « Git server » est disponible (A propos du support de GIT dans le DSM 4.3 de Synology).